A million Times 61c, 2014

A million Times 61c is part of Humans since 1982’s A million Times.

Through this series Humans since 1982 manipulate clock faces, a universally recognised symbol of time, by programming the hour and minute hands to spin individually and in formation to visually represent the abstract concept of time while continuing to report real time.

From one moment to the next the analogue hands move in a continuous ebb and flow to fleetingly resemble the crest of a wave, a swirling vortex or synchronised dancers. Each choreographed sweep of hands appears to be unlike the last until they join in perfect, synchronised alignment to accurately tell time through digital typography. Marrying conceptual enquiry with technically challenging design and engineering processes, A million Times is not so much about time-telling as it is about designing the passing of time.


Humans since 1982
A million Times 61c, 2014
Black or White coated aluminium, electronic components
1460 x 50 mm
Edition of 15

2014: Art Miami via Dillon+Lee Gallery, Miami, USA.
2015: India Art Fair via Volte Gallery, New Delhi, India.
2016: Art Miami via Dillon+Lee Gallery, Miami, USA.
2017: Art Toronto via Dillon+Lee Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2017: Art Miami via Dillon+Lee Gallery, Miami.

This work is part of the ongoing series A million Times.